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There’s a reason the American Gem Society® (AGS) is one of the most respected nonprofit jewelry associations in the world. We stand up for consumers, we stand up for ethical business practices, and we’re always looking for new members to stand up with us.

If you are a current AGS member, please click here to learn more about the membership benefits and programs you have access to.

As an AGS member, you will have access to key member benefits including:

  • Professional credentials and continuing education; most notably, Conclave
  • Professional marketing support geared towards driving traffic to your business
  • Networking events that connect you with the greatest thought leaders and esteemed decision makers in the jewelry industry
  • Business solutions to help reduce the cost and time of doing business

Join the community and start benefitting today! The American Gem Society® has four types of firm members, each having its own requirements. Click on the firm types below to learn more:

American Gem Society

Retail Firm

Retail jewelry firm

Supplier Firm

Wholesale jewelry firm

Sustaining Firm

Industry support firm, i.e. consulting, insurance, etc.

Emerging Designer

Jewelry wholesalers and manufacturers

To learn more about membership, contact 866.805.6500 or email [email protected].